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Recent Railfanning News:

  1. Last Friday (March 19th) I went with a friend from work down to the Empire Mine to catch some WC ore hauling action. Seen 2 WC engines. One was an SD-45 and another looked like a GP-40 (I couldnít really see since I was on the road and there was about 400 yards of trees) along with ex-Soo Line gondolas that they use to haul logs to K.I. Sawyer and up to LíAnse.

2. On Saturday, March 27th, Iím taking a ride down to Gladstone and Escanaba for the day with a guy from work. Iím going to try to get some pictures of the Wisconsin Central/Canadian National and hopefully the Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad will be running. Iím also going to try to post some pictures of a Soo Line passenger engine along with some more shots of the WC and 2 shots of a Erie Mining Company engine. Iíll try to get some more Railfanning news up as it comes to me or as I go Railfanning.