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E&LS Operations
In Channing, the O&B Job goes on duty about 0900 (mon-thur and sat), gathers up it's train and heads westbound out to Ontonagon.  Typically they work pulpwood landings at Sidnaw, Frost, Rosseau, and Mass City before arriving in Ontonagon to switch out the Mill.  They may stop on the rerturn trip if it's convinient for the siding direction.   After making 2 runs into the Mill, crossing the Ontonagon River Bridge, they get their train and head south.  They often Die in Sidnaw and have the Channing Switch Job (on duty 0600) come and bring em in.  Then after the switch job is done running Channing, They bring the train south to Kingsford for the next Morning's Run to Crivitz (mon-fri and sun).  That job will go into Crivitz to meet with the Northbound out of Green Bay (same days), arou7nd noon-1pm.  and on the weekdays the M&M switcher out of Marinette will meet them also.  The trains will swap freight and return to Channing, Green Bay and Marinette respectively.
Out of Escanaba there are few local businesses and car shops, and a few times a week (no set days) they run to Pembine over the CN.  The southbound to Crivitz may sometimes leave cars in Pembine for the Esky to Pembine job.
***Information from Tom Carello***
Green Bay: Sunday thru Friday Crivitz turn. On duty CN NGB yard at 0700
Channing, MI: Turn to Crivitz Sunday and Tues - Friday. Actually departs from Kingsford
Channing MI: Turn to Ontonagon Saturday, Monday - Thursday on duty 0900(?)Marinette-Menominee area: Job 01 Monday - Friday local switching and run to Crivitz and back
Green Bay-Criv job, Job 01 and Channing-Criv job all meet at Crivitz late am, early pm and swap cars.

A Wells-Pembine turn is run as needed, usually once per week. This mainly ferries power between Channing and Wells (where all major servicing is done).
Escanaba & Lake Superior (Main Lines)
Green Bay Line: Channing-Green Bay
O&B Line: Channing-Ontonogan
Republic Line: Channing-Republic
Wells Line: Wells (Escanaba)-Channing
E&LS Branch Lines
Escanaba Branch: N. Escanaba-Escanaba
M&M Line: Crivitz-Marinette
Nestoria Line: Sidnaw-Nestoria
Oconto Falls Line: Stiles-Oconto Falls
E&LS Locomotive Power
SD40-2s: 500 (GATX leasing) and 501 (EMD leasing) both ex-MILW
SD9s: 1200-1224 with 1222 and 1224 out of service (ex Reserve Mining)
GP38s: 400 (E&LS colors) and 402 (Conrail blue) both ex-Conrail
SW8s: 1200 and 1201 (ex Reserve Mining)
Baldwins: 202 and 300
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